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About Us

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ReStoring Data Inc. is a specialized data recovery and computer forensics company that focuses on recovering vital data from personal computer and notebook hard disk drives, as well as server drives, RAID arrays, memory cards, flash drives, and much more.

With offices in the US and Canada, ReStoring Data Inc. delivers unparalleled support and data recovery services to private, corporate, and government clientele alike.

What sets ReStoring Data Inc. apart from other data recovery companies?

Our leading-edge facility provides the ideal environment for data recovery, contributing to our high success rates. Our lab features the most up-to-date software and hardware, coupled with a certified class-100 clean room environment specialized for data recovery and computer forensics.

In addition to the most innovative data recovery technologies available in the industry, we also use our specialized proprietary hardware and software solutions throughout the recovery process, ensuring we have exhausted every option while recovering your critical data.

We have years of experience recovering data from desktop, laptop, server, and Flash drives, as well as RAID Arrays, and other media storage devices. We have truly seen it all, and are prepared to handle diverse failures, situations, and setups as we recover your valuable data.

Our certified technicians perform all types of data recovery procedures, applying unique expertise in the field of data recovery and computer forensics. This includes training and developing tools for special law enforcement agencies.

ReStoring Data Inc. is committed to research and development (R&D), further contributing to our high success rate. With a revolutionary patent pending, our range of recoverable hard drive failures will increase dramatically. Each of our cases receives thorough and attentive care, as our technicians apply skill, technology, and experience to assure the highest chance of success; once this new patented technology is implemented, even previously unrecoverable cases may have an excellent chance of recovery.




"There is never a good time to have a hard-drive crash and not be able to access your critical data. However, the team at ReStoring Data saved the day. They considered the recovery of our data very important and recovered our files in record time. I highly recommend them for your data recovery needs."

Denna M

"It was such a scary thing to find out my hard drive was destroyed and my data was irretrievable from my local computer service technicians. I had no idea my backups had failed. Your service was quick and professional and amazingly you were able to restore a mirror image of the data I thought was gone forever. Thanks so much!"

Aaron R.

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the incredible job that you did. I can't believe the how you were able to recover my files to the extent that you did. I am now back working to the same level that I was prior to the hard drive failure. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation."

David B

"On the verge of delivering our television documentary for its premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival, our RAID had a critical crash. ReStoring Data was able to recover 100% of the information and we were up and running four days later. I can't tell you the number of hours and dollars we saved, but most importantly, we made the screening!"

" Peter C. "