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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Relax, and let the forensics experts at ReStoring Data
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ReStoring Data offers comprehensive computer forensics services for both private and corporate clients.

Our expert technicians have years of experience working closely with digital artifacts which allows us to deliver the industry's most cutting edge forensics results. Each forensics case receives the utmost care. We assure you that the electronic evidence or data you need is retrieved and properly presented while still maintaining the integrity of your original hard drive. Through a variety of techniques and proprietary applications, our technicians observe and 'mirror' a copy of your hard drive to search for files and folders that are either hidden, deleted, encrypted, or damaged.


Private Forensics

Our technicians investigate your case with maximum confidentiality. We alert you of deleted files and the types of activities that have occurred in your hard drive's history. Then, we produce a comprehensive analysis of your personal computer. Examples of our private services include: scanning for inappropriate images, Outlook email correspondence, locating evidence of pornography, and accessing illegitimately password protected files and folders.

Corporate Forensics

Our expert team assists your corporation with the integration of advanced computer security incident management models. This ensures that your business is not affected by digital fraud, deleted files from disloyal employees, or internet and email abuse. We will find and analyze evidence from all varieties of data storage mediums so that you can rest assured that your data management is fully optimized.

Legal Disclaimer

Our world class technicians handle a high volume of cases. With this in mind, it is ReStoring Data’s policy to only supply evidence for your potential legal case. Our services do not extend beyond providing you with evidence. We are not available to appear in court.

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"There is never a good time to have a hard-drive crash and not be able to access your critical data. However, the team at ReStoring Data saved the day. They considered the recovery of our data very important and recovered our files in record time. I highly recommend them for your data recovery needs."

Denna M

"It was such a scary thing to find out my hard drive was destroyed and my data was irretrievable from my local computer service technicians. I had no idea my backups had failed. Your service was quick and professional and amazingly you were able to restore a mirror image of the data I thought was gone forever. Thanks so much!"

Aaron R.

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the incredible job that you did. I can't believe the how you were able to recover my files to the extent that you did. I am now back working to the same level that I was prior to the hard drive failure. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation."

David B

"On the verge of delivering our television documentary for its premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival, our RAID had a critical crash. ReStoring Data was able to recover 100% of the information and we were up and running four days later. I can't tell you the number of hours and dollars we saved, but most importantly, we made the screening!"

" Peter C. "