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Memory Card/Flash Recovery

Memory Card/Flash Recovery

Relax! ReStoring Data can restore your precious photo
memories and projects in no time!

ReStoring Data can help you if your flash media has been accidentally deleted, formatted, or physically damaged.

Our innovative team has years of experience recovering data from all flash based products, including camera memory cards, solid state drives (SSD), USB thumb drives, and more.

ReStoring Data specializes in recovering digital photos and data files from:

  • Compact Flash (CF)
  • Secure Digital (SD)
  • Smart Media (SM)
  • USB Drive
  • iStick
  • Memory Stick (MS)
  • XD Memory Cards
  • Multimedia
  • Microdrive
  • ...and more!


Memory Cards

The loss of irreplaceable memories and photos from your digital camera can be devastating. Unfortunately, due to their small size and frequent use, memory cards are especially vulnerable to failure.

The loss of data from a compact flash, secure digital (SD), or xd memory card, is usually caused by either:


Accidental formatting or deletion. When your memory card has been formatted it is vital not to save any more information on the card as this may impede data recovery by overwriting the original photos.


Physically failed hardware. ReStoring Data is one of the few companies able to perform recoveries on physically damaged memory cards by working directly with the memory chip, which is often the only way to recover the data.

USB Thumb Drives

Portable USB thumb drives hold important files for business, school, and personal projects. As with all electronic devices, they are susceptible to failure due to frequent travel.

The loss of data from a USB thumb drive is usually caused by:

Accidental formatting or deletion of files. When your flash drive has had files deleted from it, or has been accidentally formatted, it is important not to save any additional information on the card as this could complicate the data recovery process.

Physically failed or damaged hardware. We are one of the few data recovery companies with the necessary tools and skilled technicians to recover data from physically damaged USB thumb drives. We do this by physically accessing the memory chip at a low level.

Why Us?

Our expert technicians are at the forefront of the industry for recovering both logically and physically damaged data from flash memory based products. We are one of the few companies offering true physical data recovery for flash media. This is done using a complicated reverse-engineering of the flash drive's controller. By using cutting edge low level data recovery technology, we can produce optimal results where others cannot.


We offer a two tiered pricing structure based on whether the failure is logical or physical. With a high success rate and our No Data No Charge policy you have nothing to risk and everything to gain by contacting our experts.

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"There is never a good time to have a hard-drive crash and not be able to access your critical data. However, the team at ReStoring Data saved the day. They considered the recovery of our data very important and recovered our files in record time. I highly recommend them for your data recovery needs."

Denna M

"It was such a scary thing to find out my hard drive was destroyed and my data was irretrievable from my local computer service technicians. I had no idea my backups had failed. Your service was quick and professional and amazingly you were able to restore a mirror image of the data I thought was gone forever. Thanks so much!"

Aaron R.

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the incredible job that you did. I can't believe the how you were able to recover my files to the extent that you did. I am now back working to the same level that I was prior to the hard drive failure. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation."

David B

"On the verge of delivering our television documentary for its premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival, our RAID had a critical crash. ReStoring Data was able to recover 100% of the information and we were up and running four days later. I can't tell you the number of hours and dollars we saved, but most importantly, we made the screening!"

" Peter C. "